Welcome to the Reading Tree Wardens website

The Tree Warden Network in Reading is run in partnership with the Tree Council, Trees for Cities and Reading Borough Council.

The importance and benefits that trees will provide for Reading's future cannot be underestimated. In partnership the Tree Warden Network is committed to raising the profile of Reading's trees and working with partners and the wider community to achieve maximum effectiveness.

The Tree Warden Scheme has its origins in the early 1980s in East Sussex and Leicestershire. The object of the Scheme was to create a network of informed people who could co-ordinate local tree based environmental improvements on behalf of the County Council. In 1989 there were 173 Tree Wardens in East Sussex and Leicestershire. In that same year in the wake of the Great Storm the Tree Council initiated a National Tree Warden Scheme, based on the East Sussex model. It grew and spread with enormous speed and 20 years later, the scheme has around 8,000 Tree Wardens volunteering in 150 local networks.

Our purpose:

A Tree Warden Network aims to provide:

  • A proven method of Community engagement
  • A co-ordinated force of volunteers who are committed to the care and awareness of trees in their neighbourhoods

This plan will support the aims of the Network with clear objectives to raise the awareness of the benefits of trees and undertake a wide range of tree related activities.



To develop the Reading Tree Warden Network as a recognised well organised community group, working to raise the awareness of importance of trees in our community.


  • To focus on the benefits of working in partnership
  • Increase and encourage public and business participation in the care and awareness of the importance of trees
  • Support the Tree Warden Network through effective and efficient communications and consultation
  • To produce a quarterly Reading Tree Warden Network newsletter
  • To develop a Reading Tree Network Website
  • To ensure local media have up to date information on the Tree Warden Network
  • To communicate the work of the Tree Warden Network