Caversham Tree Walk

This lovely walk is a real chance to get to know and identify a variety of tree species. You move through a range of settings: trees softening the shopping centre, attractive street trees, a beautiful beech wood, serene conifers in the quiet cemetery, and ending with a stunning range of specimen trees in the riverside gardens.

View the Caversham Tree walk (PDF file, size: 5.7mb)

Coley Park Meadow Walk

One minute you are in town suburbs, not far from central Reading, then a small path opens into an amazing secret meadow and brook landscape. As this circular walk takes you through open countryside, then following the sparkling Holy Brook , you will learn about and come to identify a range of special trees which thrive in a wetland environment. It may be muddy under foot: be sure to wear suitable footwear.

View the Coley Park Meadow walk (PDF file, size: 3.2mb)

Palmer Park to Redlands Walk

On this walk you will learn to identify and enjoy a range of wonderful tree specimens as you pass through historical settings. You begin in a park given to the town by the Palmer family of Huntley and Palmers, look into the old cemetery to catch the weeping beech voted Reading's favorite tree, walk past beautiful Victorian and Edwardian family homes in leafy Redlands, before moving into the elegant grounds of Reading University by the town centre.

View the Palmer Park to Redlands Walk (PDF file, size: 3.4mb)

Reading Town Centre Historical Tree Trail

This popular walk is equally fascinating for the light it throws on Reading's history, including the ancient Abbey and the story of Oscar Wilde, as well as for the wonderful range of tree species you will encounter. Can you recognize an Indian Bean Tree? Are you familiar with ginkgo leaves? You will get the chance to identify these and many more tree species as you walk through the Forbury Gardens, hidden nooks, and by the famous Kennet and Avon Canal.

View the Reading Town Centre Historical Tree Trail (PDF file, size: 3.3mb)

Tilehurst Old Village Tree Trail

This walk takes you through quiet streets and parkland with beautiful mature trees, many planted in the Victorian age. You will pass through a stunning "urban forest" of majestic oaks, an avenue of beech trees, another of limes, a park with some very unusual trees, and a recreation ground surrounded by limes planted to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee. You return past the historic Kentwood house and grounds to your starting point.

View the Tilehurst Old Village Tree Trail (PDF file, size: 3.4mb)

Town to Boundary Riverside Walk

A walk that takes in the Thames Riverside sights of Reading and Caversham. Starting and ending on either side of the Pedestrian bridge.

View the Town to Boundary Riverside walk (PDF file, size: 4.2mb)

Prospect Park Winter Tree Walk

This lovely walk is a real chance to get to know and identify a variety of tree species in Prospect park. This walk particularly focuses on the trees to be seen in Winter time.